History of Anti-Waste

During a holiday at the cost and whislt relaxing on the beach, Fanus noticed
the clean-up activity by municipal workers to keep the environment cleand and
friendly for the holiday makers. It crossed his mind that human nature is generally
careless when it comes to protecting the environment for aesthetic and health reasons.
He related this to his situation back home and came to the relisation
that the country was in need for a more disciplined approach to caring for
the environment.

Whilst watching the beach workers carefully separating the waste material for
recycling purpose, the idea emerged with Fanus that he could contribute to
protecting the environment. He saw an opportunity to inculcate a culture of
responsibility amongst his follow citizens in Limpopo to reduce pollution caused
by waste. His career as an entrepreneur and busnessman then started on how
to contribute to and improve the management of waste.

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